"Winter Solitude" Open Edition Oil Painting Print

Oil painting reproduced into a signed, but not numbered, edition of matted giclee prints. Image size is 12" x 9.5." Matted it fits a standard size 16" x 20" frame. Matting and backing material is acid-free.  

"Very early on a cold winter morning, I went to a certain location in order to capture the sunrise over a creek. After a brief appearance, the sun became covered by clouds. Disappointed and cold, I packed up my camera equipment and hiked back to the car. Driving home, I saw the sun breaking through the clouds, so I turned down a road that followed a river (the Sugar River)-hoping to get some good slides. AFter a few miles I pulled off the road ad hiked into the woods where I found one spectacular scene after another. This is the first of those scenes. This is one of my all-time favorite pure landscape paintings. My hope, as an artist, is to portray such overwhelming beauty that words become a distraction."

"Winter Solitude" Open Edition Oil Painting Print
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