"Autumn Leaves-Long Shadows" Open Edition Oil Painting Print

Oil painting reproduced into a signed, but not numbered, edition of giclee prints (or "open edition" prints). The medium-sized print is matted and has an image size is 9" x 13;" it fits a standard size 16" x 20" frame (which can be purchased at many different stores, saving you a small fortune over the cost of a custom frame). 

"This is a farmstead that I painted once before in winter in the painting, 'Home at Dusk-Hilltop View;' however, in this painting the row of trees leading up to the house-with it's late afternoon shadows-creates a dramatic visual composition. As is often the case, it is the lighting that really makes a painting come alive. This was an earlier oil painting done in a slightly looser style; I love the way yellow and orange paint can simulate sunlight with just a few brush strokes!"

"Autumn Leaves-Long Shadows" Open Edition Oil Painting Print
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