"Autumn at the Union Terrace" Open Edition Watercolor Print

Signed, buy not numbered, open edition print of the watercolor painting "Autumn at the Union Terrace." This print comes matted and ready to be framed with a very easy to find 16" x 20" frame; the image size is 12" x 9.5". You can save a LOT of money by buying an off-the-shelf ready-made 16" x 20" frame. 

"It's been a long time since a painting has caused me such a difficulty-or has turned out so beautifully! I captured this typical fall morning at the Union Terrace in October '03 and began painting in November; but I didn't finish it until March. There's a certain quality of light on an overcast day that I've always enjoyed-it's deep, saturated light that really brings out the rich, autumn colors. I'd been interested in painting this special location for a while, and after I captured it on this autumn morning, I knew the time was right. I'm in love with this painting because, first of all, I think it's a really good work of art-a unique take on a familiar place. Secondly, it's a wonderful, historical building that has a lot of meaning for so many people."

"Autumn at the Union Terrace" Open Edition Watercolor Print
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