"December Evening" Open Edition

Signed, but not numbered, giclee print reproduced from a watercolor painting on 100% cotton paper. Image Size is apx. 7" x 25"

"I painted this in 1994 when I was being published by Wild Wings; there was an edition of 750 offset lithographic prints (this is before today's "giclee" prints even existed). All of the prints sold out in only a year of so, and I've gotten many requests over the years from people who wanted to buy one. After viewing a test proof, it became obvious that this was going to look terrific-a real improvement over the original print, the result of much better printing technology. I was able to keep the cost low even though the quality is very good; it's printed with archival ink on 100% cotton paper. I sure like owning my own printing equipment! This is a real farm in Wisconsin near where I lived at the time; the dog was obedient enough to "pose" for me while I took slides during the sunset. I hope you too, enjoy the beauty of December Evening."

"December Evening" Open Edition
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