"Tranquil Whispers" Open Edition

Signed, but not numbered, giclee print reproduced from a watercolor painting. The image size is 11" x 11."

"This is the painting that made me think of doing the whole 'Nature Suite' series of paintings. I really likes the more intimate feel of this little creek scene-it was quite different from a lot of the panoramic landscapes I had been doing up to that point. The other three that followed were 'Morning Solitude,' 'Sunrise Creek,' and 'Deep Reflections.' These were originally published as a set, but I've re-published them so that they can be purchased individually; and these have a more long lasting ink than was available back in 2001. Since completing those four, I've painted more images with a similar theme-and will probably do more as time goes by."

"Tranquil Whispers" Open Edition
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