"Dusk on Rainy Orchard Road" Open Edition Acrylic Painting Print

Acrylic painting reproduced into a signed, but not numbered, edition of giclee prints (or "open edition" prints). This medium-sized print is matted and has an image size is 9" x 13;" it fits a standard size 16" x 20" frame (which can be purchased at many different stores, saving you a small fortune over the cost of a custom frame).

"I spent an autumn day at Devil's Lake State Park (a place I've been visiting since I was a Boy Scout) and at the end of the day some  thunderstorms blew past. I took a number of beautiful and dramatic photographs and then started driving home. I found this scene on the road that leaves the park and goes past the 'Ski Hi Apple Orchard' (the misspelling is intentional). I pulled to the side of the road and crouched in the middle of the road and got just a few decent photographs that I could paint from. Although I began painting this in watercolor, I realized that I couldn't achieve what I wanted to (in the sky primarily) if I used watercolor, so I switched to acrylic. I used the acrylic in thin layers that look very similar to watercolor. Although I was able to finally capture in paint what I wanted, it was much more difficult than I anticipated. After all that work, I'm very happy with how it turned out!"

"Dusk on Rainy Orchard Road" Open Edition Acrylic Painting Print
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