"Cedarburg Mill Sunset" Open Edition Oil Painting Print

Watercolor painting reproduced into a signed, but not numbered, edition of giclee prints (or "open edition" prints). The medium-sized print is matted and has an image size is 9" x 13;" it fits a standard size 16" x 20" frame (which can be purchased at many different stores, saving you a small fortune over the cost of a custom frame).  

"I was so glad I had a chance to visit Cedarburg on a summer afternoon, but I was disappointed that it was cloudy, as I was hoping to take photographs for some kind of painting. As my wife and I went to dinner the clouds blew away, revealing a beautiful summer sky. I ran around like a mad man, trying to capture as much as I could before it got too dark. After shooting many great ideas and thinking I was done, I turned a corner to find this scene!

This oil painting seemed to take forever, but in actuality it was about four months of painstaking work. I think it was worth it. If you haven't visited Cedarburg, WI, I suggest you do it! You can see this historic mill (from 1855) and a lot more-it's one of the best small towns I've ever visited!" -Steven Kozar

"Cedarburg Mill Sunset" Open Edition Oil Painting Print
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