"Deep Reflections" S&N

Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print on 100% cotton paper reproduced from an original watercolor painting. Image size is 15" x 15". "This is one of the four watercolors that were all painted in order to comprise a set that was called 'Quiet Places-The Nature Suite.' In autumn I captured this sunset on the Pecatonica River in southwestern Wisconsin. My daughter, Aleesha, came with me that evening as we hiked around looking for subject matter to capture. She was standing on the rocks in the photo that I used as a reference for this painting, but I didn't include her since I wanted this painting to continue with the theme of solitude and tranquility. However, I decided to include her reflection in the water, which you can discover just above the rocks on the right side of the water."

"Deep Reflections" S&N
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