"Gibraltar Rock Sunset" Open Edition Watercolor Print

Watercolor painting reproduced into a signed, but not numbered, edition of giclee prints (or "open edition" prints). The medium-sized print is matted and has an image size is 9" x 13;" it fits a standard size 16" x 20" frame (which can be purchased at many different stores, saving you a small fortune over the cost of a custom frame). 

"I found out about this county park after about ten years of living and painting in Wisconsin. Once I saw some photos of it, I knew I wanted to go there myself. On this summer evening I barely got to the top in time for the setting sun. I was panting from the long hike up hill as I hung off the side of a rock outcropping to capture this spectacular scene. I finally decided to stop waiting for the right time to paint this (I'd been thinking about it for around ten years!) and just got started. After several months worth of painting, I think it turned out great-maybe I should have painted it a long time ago!"

"Gibraltar Rock Sunset" Open Edition Watercolor Print
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