"Misty Morning-Spring Trees" S&N

Signed and numbered giclee print reproduced from a watercolor painting on 100% cotton paper. Image size is approximately 15" x 15". "I begin my painting process by observing. I am constantly noticing things as I drive around in the course of my day. The farm depicted in this painting is one I drive past all the time, and I took a number of slides of it on a damp, spring morning. My original intention was to paint a long, panoramic landscape and this would have been the left side of the painting. As I looked at the 3 or 4 slides on my lightboard, I was struck by the idea of simply painting this section only-I even cropped out the bottom of the slide I was looking at. The painting fell together very naturally, and I went to work right away-completing this painting in just a few days. The result is a compelling composition, especially with those beautiful, and somewhat haunting, trees."

"Misty Morning-Spring Trees" S&N
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