Welcome to my store! This is the place to find all of the prints I've published myself since 2001. Also, there are a number of prints that Wild Wings published in the 90's that are still available-check out www.wildwings.com. If you buy one of my "Signed and Numbered" prints there is NO shipping charge. All of my other prints have a modest postal fee-and we check everything before the charges are called in, so if this web store charges too much (which happens when you buy multiple prints) we manually fix it. All the prints are shipped flat, so they don't have that annoying curl to the paper. If something doesn't work correctly PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ON THE PHONE! 608-335-7004. You can also order over the phone using your credit card (or by sending a check) and skip the whole online shopping cart-you can even visit my home gallery to make a purchase. If you are interested in buying an original painting, please visit the Plus One Gallery (London). Thanks so much for shopping for my artwork! Steven Kozar